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Glass Wool

Glass Wool is used for insulation owing to its thermal and acoustic insulation properties, high tensile strength, light weight and exceptional resilience. Glass Wool that we offer essentially consists of fine, long, inorganic fibers that are bonded together by high temperature binder. TheseĀ fibers (each of approx. 6 - 7 microns diameter) are distributed in such a way so as to trap millions of tiny pockets of air in the Glass Wool, thereby creating an excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties. Glass Wool is light gold in color and owing to its superb tensile strength and resilience, it is considered ideal for applications in which there are chances of vibration, jolting or high compression. Our Glass Wool is chemically inert and has zero impurities like sulphur, iron shots, chloride, etc. Glass Wool is non-corrosive to metal and does not support mold grow.